Gut Loading Black Soldier Fly Before Feeding

Posted by Spencer Doepel on

As you're probably well aware the Black Solider Fly are packed with good nutrition and essential vitamin ratios. What you may not know is the nutritional content of these bugs depend on what they are feed and raised on. Most Black Solider Fly as of now are grow up on a starter of chicken feed then moved to spent breweries grains. This gives a little inconsistency to the variation in nutrients although these Black Solider Fly are still very high in nutrients. Furthermore some Black Solider Fly are now raised on food scraps from restaurants and waste from agriculture plants who's to say how much variation these feeders provide.

A way to mitigate this risk of the Black Solider Fly eating something that is not high in essential minerals you can supplement with Insect powder. During storage just feed this to your Black Solider Fly Larvae and when your reptile eats the Black Solider Fly Larvae the nutritional benefits they consumed will be passed right along with the bug.It also works with other variety of feeder insects. Including crickets, Dubia Roaches, Super worms and others. this is known as gut loading. 

Specifically designed with adequate ratios of calcium to phosphorous as well as AED vitamins. Simply give your feeders all the load of insects they can eat for 24-48 hours before introducing them to your beloved pet.


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