Reptile Rehabilitation Stories

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Reptile Rescue Stories

There are millions of rescue stories of reptiles we hear about on social media. Here we discuss the top heartwarming rescue stories of our beloved pets. Usually, people fed up with their reptiles or can not afford them let them go in the wild or give them to rescue shelters. So, we must make any reptile welfare laws to keep that in check. If anyone wants to be the reptile owner, he/she must be committed to it until the natural death of the reptile companion.

Here we discuss all those rescue stories about those reptiles that had been rehabilitated using black solider fly larvae and how these black solider fly larvae help support their pet regain its calcium level.

Story 1

Marcus: The Leopard Gecko:

It is the story of Marcus the leopard Gecko, rescue by a cute little angel, Helen. Helen lives in a small town near New York City. Halen lives in a tiny beautiful house. Our ecoflys team go there and ask about their beautiful rescue story.

Question 1: How you find Marcus?

Halen replied: The house next door to my family home was foreclosed, and the tenants were evicted. The days following, they piled all of their trash and furniture on the curb for the trash pick up. And my family is pretty nosy (thank god), so they were going through the pile to see if there was anything important for their use. Amongst garbage bags filled with splinters, sawdust, wood legs of chairs, and trash, there was a foggy translucent box (colored with some paint too) full of a straw hat and dirt.

My sister picked it up and opened it, curious to find what's inside. She cried with joy after seeing skinny juvenile Leopard Gecko, shivering with fear at the edge of the box. My mom and sister call me immediately, so I swung by, picked him up, and take that little creature home with me for care and proper management.

Question 2: How is Marcus (Gecko) condition when you find him?

Answer: He was very weak. My dad is an animal nutritionist, so he told us that he was suffering from MBD.

Helen continued: He was severely dehydrated and freezing along with having MBD. I set up a little 12-gallon quarantine tank, gave him a tank heater located underground to the tank, and he immediately plopped down on it and proceeded to sleep for almost 48 hours. He slowly started to eat more and more, and it didn't appear that he ever had supplements or supplemental heating before, but he is gradually gaining weight gram after gram.

Question 3: Are you sure that was MBD?

Answer: Yes, the next day, we call a vet, and he confirmed that.

Question 4: Did he had a sick tail?

Answer: Yes, he also has a sick tail
Question 4: What treatment you do to cure MBD and sick tail?

Answer: Well, our vet advised us to use Black solider Fly Larvae gut loaded with calcium supplements.
Question 5: What brand you use?

Answer: We use BSFL by ecoflys. Our vet recommends that
Question 6: How's your Gecko now?

Answer: He is completely recovered and healthy, thanks to ecoflys for their amazing BSFL.

When I got him, Helen added he was a mere 26 grams, and today we are a solid 76 grams! The first time he ever stepped onto my shoulder, I couldn't stop crying for 10 minutes.


Story 2

Jolly A Panther Chameleon:


A pet Chameleon is getting a lot of attention on social media after his owner with a drone rescued him.

Jolly, the chameleon, was later spotted by a drone on the roof of an apartment building. His owner, Mr. Brown, posted the edited video on social media, and it received a lot of likes, comments, and shares.

Social media anchor ask some common questions from Mr. Brown

Question 1: How did he go missing?

Mr. Brown, the Pacific Beach Chameleon owner, says the MBD  causes their reptile panther chameleon to become temporarily ill, and due to this, he became fragile and lethargic. So, this MBD causes him to fall off from the wall of his enclosure, and he went missing, which was later found by a drone

Question 2: How did he get MBD?

Mr. Brown said: It's my mistake. I often use veggies and rarely used calcium supplements. If I used Black Solider Fly powder, it would never happen

 Question 3: How you known that it was MBD? Did you take him to the vet?

He further added: "I know because he became so weak and did not eat any food for three days. That's why he fell from the enclosure wall to the window and somehow end up on the roof. And vet visited us a week ago and diagnosed him with MBD

Question 4: How you rescue him?

He said the landlord would not allow him to go up to the roof, and he could not get the ladder so long. Instead, he used a drone and lowered some ropes.

In the video, Mr. Brown can be heard swearing, "I'm close to stopping the signal."

After several attempts, Mr. Brown can be heard saying, "I got it! I got it! I got it!"

"The biggest day of my life!" Mr. Brown said.

Question 5: How Jolly healed? Did you use calcium supplements or BSFL?

He said: No, I did not use calcium supplements. The vet referred me Black Solider Fly larvae filled with a calcium source. So I use them, and my Jolly is now fully healed, and his MBD is cured completely.

It may take months for Jolly to heal. But we all are happy that the owner finds his lost panther chameleon.

Story 3

Bella the Born Dragon

This is the story of Hager's family, who rehabilitated Bella with BSFL.

They tell us that:

They were contacted by a local family, including Bella (The Bearded Dragon). She was found outside Utah and was picked up by a family in the Las Vegas Valley.

Question 1: What did you do after receiving  Bella?

Answer: Shortly after receiving Bella, we start giving her proper care and management.

Question 2: How was Bella's condition when you got her?

She seems very weak also had a tail injury.

Question 3: Did you take her to the vet?

Answer: Because Bella's tail was injured, we rushed her to the doctor to check for signs of infection and other problems. Within a few days, Bella had surgery to remove the tip of her tail. Since then, it's been fine, and Bella has been a joy in the rescue room.

Question 4: Did Bella suffer from MBD when you rescue her?

Answer: No, she was not suffering from MBD, but she was fragile, so we started giving her calcium supplements and a good diet.

Question 5: Didi you use BSFL? Gut loaded with Calcium supplements?

Answer: Yes, our vet recommends that, and we are using them. They are remarkable. They boost Bella's health within days.

Question 6: How is Bella now?

Answer: Bella is now fine, and I love BSFL is her diet.

They added: Bella is one of the funniest bearded dragons, and she has the sweetest temperament. She is happy to be with someone as much as possible and will eat something insight (and we mean something, so we have to be careful!). We call her "Princess Bella" because she often sits on her toes and looks at us with her big eyes!


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