Live Arrival Guarantee

Ecoflys has a Live Arrival Guarantee. If any black soldier fly larvae are dead on arrival (DOA) we would be happy to refund or send a replacement order according to the customer choice and at the discretion of

Ecoflys does not cover third party errors (USPS, UPS, Fedex). These third party errors include broken cups inside the package, exterior package damage and delayed shipments due to bad weather. We will however try to accommodate you,  at our desecration to replace these larvae If these third party errors occur.

If you live in a cold area and the black soldier fly larvae are not moving wait 15-20 minutes after arrival. They can enter a dormant state when exposed to extreme temperature. This can possibly lead to misidentification of death.

If you need to hold for Fedex email

Here at Ecoflys we pride ourself on having the best larvae in the business. To start a DOA order email