Black Solider Fly Josh Frog Care Sheet

Posted by Spencer Doepel on

So, you have just bought your first Black Soldier Fly. Now you may be wondering what to do now. Sure, I can feed them to my animal, but they can only eat so much everyday right? What if they start turning into flies? Are you prepared to have your house swarming with flies? Of course not! That's why there is a handy care sheet that comes with a starter pack of 1000 Black Soldier Fly larvae on Amazon from Josh Frogs.

The basic care guide provides information on storage, temperature, humidity and how to properly feed them to your pet. It also has some other information about their life cycle such as why they turn certain colors they age. Some other names for the Black Soldier Fly are Phoenix Worms (TM), CalciWorms (TM), ReptiWorms (TM), BSF larvae.

This is a great starter kit for anyone who is not sure if Black Soldier Fly is for them. Or if they are worried about the biology of the insect. Nutritious, High Calcium, Low Fat Feeder Insect great for Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish, and Wild Birds. They are the...


  We also have Feeder Grade Black Solider Fly Larvae available but this is the best offer that includes a care sheet.


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