What is your shipping schedule?

We typically ship Monday through Thursday every week.  We make sure we ship in the most ideal conditions to ensure a safe arrival of your feeders.  We reserve the right to maintain a “HOLD” on a package (when shipping USPS, Fedex or UPS) when conditions are such that we feel it is unsafe to have them in a delivery vehicle.  We do reserve the right to suspend a shipment if we are certain conditions cannot be compensated for in packing.  There are sometimes circumstances outside our control (with respect to natural disasters, drastic temperature changes, national holidays, and geographic location) that do happen.  If this should ever affect your shipment, we will try and update you accordingly.  

What can eat BSFL?

Bearded dragons, Leopard geckos, Chameleons, Tree Frogs, Skinks, Salamanders, Birds, anything that has a mouth!

Are BSFL considered a protein staple for reptiles?

Yes! They can replace mealworms, crickets, dubia roaches, and superworms.

What size larvae should I get?

For most animals the rule is that they can eat anything between the space of their eyes.

Where the best place to keep the larvae?

Leave them in the container they came in at room temperature.

Should I refrigerate the larvae?

They don't need to be refrigerated unless you plan on using them for more than two weeks. They are best kept at room temperature. If you want them to go dormant keep them at 60F which is warmer than a refrigerator. Typically a wine cooler will be this temperature.

How do I remove the larvae from their substrate?

The best way to sift the larvae is with a Sifters. You can also rinse the ones you need but just be sure to dry them off as they can scale anything when wet!

Do I have to calcium dust the larvae?

Nope! Black Soldier Fly Larvae have 20x more calcium naturally than the regular feeder insect. BSFL also have a naturally balanced CA:P ratio making the calcium more absorbable. 

Do I need to feed the larvae?

The larvae don't need to be fed but you can offer them soft fruit. Just be aware that they won't be as clean in their container since they will create excrement. They may also emit an ammonia smell. This is normal and is a sign of them excrementing.

Why are my larvae black?

BSFL turn black when there are pupating. That means they're about to turn into flies! The flies can be a great treat for chameleons, bearded dragons and even leopard geckos activating their hunting instincts.

Ahh! I had black soldier flies escape into my house!

No worries! They're very docile and aren't pests. They can be sucked up with a vacuum hose or picked up and fed as a treat!