Black Soldier Fly Are The Best Feed for Reptiles

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Black Soldier Fly Are The Best Feed for Reptiles

Reptiles prove to be wonderful pets, whether you are a child or an adult. Reptiles are easy to feed because most of them solely depend on insects for their meal. Pet reptiles have certain requirements for their survival, like other animals. You have to set their terrarium with the right living environment and temperature.  They should be fed according to their respective dietary needs to breed efficiently.

The larva of the black soldier fly has gained much popularity as feed for many animals, especially reptiles. They are preferred for their superior nutritional value over other insects. They are raised on grass and grain based-diet that is rich in calcium.

Suitable Size:

Black soldier flies are present in four sizes. They may range from 1/8 to three-quarters of an inch. Their various sizes make them more suitable, as the small newly hatched larvae are favorable for poison frogs, while the largest individuals are suitable for Scorpions and other reptiles.

Antimicrobial Action:

Black soldier fly contains lauric acid as a major component of their fat content. Lauric acid has great antimicrobial properties. Due to the presence of lauric acid, black soldier fly plays an important role in preventing bacterial and other infections.

Other Benefits:

  • They require minimal care
  • They don't require large containers for transportation
  • They stay alive for a longer period without feeding
  • They do not produce a bad odor or an ear hurting noise.
  • They rarely burrow
  • Easily confined to a bowl of food
  • Easily digestible

Ca:P Ratio:

Black soldier flies have Calcium and Phosphorus ratio of 1:5:1 approximately. The ideal ratio of Ca:P for a reptile that is generally accepted is 2:1. 1:5:1 ratio of Ca:P found in black soldier fly lies very close to that of the ideal ratio needed for reptiles to have a healthy lifestyle. High Ca:P ratio can prevent phosphorus absorption and can lead to metabolic bone disease.

Black Soldier Flies, as a Feed to Prevent Metabolic Bone Disease:

Reptiles need calcium for a healthy life. While living in a wild environment, they get enough sunlight to produce an adequate amount of calcium for their growth and development. Pet reptiles don't get enough sunlight to produce calcium by consuming vitamin D3. Such animals might suffer from hypocalcemia, which causes allergy and itching. When your pet reptile suffers from hypocalcemia, his body will tend to get calcium from bones to meet their needs. This will result in the softening and weakening of bones, increasing their susceptibility to fractures. Such weakening of bones due to insufficient calcium supply is known as metabolic bone disease.

This supply shortage can be overcome by supplementation. But, a more convenient way to overcome the shortage of Ca is by increasing dietary intake of calcium. Black soldier fly larvae contain up to 8,155ppm of calcium, hundred folds more than other feed sources. Such high calcium content in the feed can help prevent metabolic bone disease in pet reptiles.

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