Why Black Soldier Fly Are Such a Good Source of Calcium For Reptiles

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     Reptiles are a cherished member of the family and great pets to have. They require minimal space and are easy to feed. We as owners want to take the best care of them as possible and this starts with proper nutrition. The main deficiencies in reptiles’ diets is calcium.

     Calcium in reptiles like humans is used to strengthen bones. In reptiles this is especially important in preventing Metabolic Bones Disease (MDB). In the wild the reptiles get ample amounts of calcium and vitamin D from the sun to support bone development. But indoors this must be supplemented by heat lamps for vitamin D and calcium supplements for calcium.

     These calcium supplements are dusted onto either Crickets, Super worms or Mealworms. These are all great options for feeding but all lack ample amounts of calcium. The average Black Soldier Fly has 80 times more calcium than any other common feeding insects. This natural calcium inside the Black Soldier Fly is also better for your reptile as the calcium powders at the stores are mainly CaCO3.

 There are many other problems related to calcium inefficiencies in a reptile’s diet including Hypocalcemia. This happens when a reptile's blood calcium level gets too low. Effects from this are muscle twitches and lethargy if untreated it could develop into Metabolic Bones Disease (MDB). If a reptile developed Metabolic Bone Disease, it may try and pull the remaining calcium from its bones to support its proper blood calcium levels. This over time will lead to weaker bones that are prone to fractures.

     In conclusion Black Soldier Flies are a great choice for your reptile. They will nurture your reptile's health and strengthen their bones while giving them a tasty snack to munch on. Make sure you check out our store and order some Black Soldier Fly larvae to see how your reptile likes it.





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