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Reptile Racking Systems For Commercial Breeders


Racks are usually vertical shelving units designed to accommodate as many small animals as possible in a compact space. They are typically equipped with essential heating or cooling equipment such as thermostats, heat tape, and snag fitting tubs to escape resistant cages/enclosures.

Racks are all about performance and efficiency, so the rack system is designed to make a simple enclosure easily accessible. These enclosures are easy to access when feeding or cleaning them. A disposable substrate is used inside them for small animals and reptiles. This substrate could be butcher paper or paper towels, food and water containers, and a plastic hidden box.

A Good Reptile Racking System has the following pros and cons:


  • Uses vertical space, minimizes setup footprints
  • Maximizes the number of animals/reptiles living in the same room
  • Cost-effective for heating
  • Escape resistant
  • Maintains moisture well
  • Watertight
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Cheap to set up


  • The size of the available tubs limits the cage or enclosure size.
  • The maximum tub size is 177 quarts or 45 gallons
  • Limited airflow
  • The temperature gradient is strictly limited by very little ventilation and space
  • Dozens of reptiles could die if the thermostat fails
  • No UVB or any complementary lighting
  • Limited space limits the opportunities to create an enriched or natural environment
  • Animal welfare is not good

The Racking system is best for breeders, who need to use dozens, hundreds, or in some cases, many thousands of breeding reptiles and hatchlings as professionally as possible.

Pet owners and collectors sometimes find racks as a cheap, space-saving way to fit their animals. However, does not recommend this process to anyone except breeders and only for short-term residents.

To help overcome the vulnerabilities of the rack system and improve the quality of the best reptile husbandry, Ecoflys recommends:

  • Avoid adult animal housing that requires more than 42 gallons of space.
  • Install a smart thermometer with an alarm to detect when more or a low level of heat reaches.
  • Open top tubs and modify the racks to adjust halogen heating and UVB lighting for species that can't climb.
  • Modify enclosures to increase ventilation, either with a mesh or soldering iron.
  • Add clean, comfortable, or even disposable enrichment items to each enclosure or tub.

These are the 3 top Reptile Racking Systems for Reptile Breeders:

1.   V-70 Breeder Rack (34 "X 5.3 X 17.5" "TUBS)

V-70 Breeder racks are made of ¾ inch expanded PVC making them one of the most rigid and reliable Reptile Railing System in the whole world.

 The V-70 rack is the most usually used tub/enclosure in the real reptile world. It works excellent for snakes and reptiles, especially geckos, anoles, chameleons, and bearded dragons. It is also approved for some older and larger species of reptiles, which include dragons too. Many reptile breeders keep their adult pets inside them the whole life.  You can also order in custom dimensions if you want.

Some features of V-70 Breeder Rack

Heat tape:

All levels will be accessed at all temperatures, and they are designed so beautifully that the tub does not sit directly on the tape. Visit for more information on heat taping.

Water Tray:

  • The water tray is secured in the tub, and it is easily accessed
  • The water tray position is situated above the floor space to allow more room for your animals/Reptiles.
  • A water filling line is included, so you know how much water to add.
  • Reduce or eliminate water contamination with the substrate.
  • Reduces of water changes by many folds
  • Water ray is easily sanitized



2.   Reptile Racking system by Vision Products

Whether you are searching for reptile racks for breeding or housing hatchlings or adults, VisionProducts has something every reptile enthusiast or breeder wants. Their Reptile or Lizard racking systems vary in size according to depth, width, and height.

You may need a tall reptile racking system with multiple levels to carry giant reptiles such as bearded dragons or  Monitors, or you need a hatchling rack with only 8-levels and 16 tubs, as they can accommodate your racking needs. Vision products racking designs are so unique that reptile breeders can customize them by their own will/choice. You can add a minus number of levels or number of trays. It is entirely up to you.

All their lizard racks come with different levels and number of tubs so that you can house or breed any number of reptiles or lizards. Vision product's reptile racking system is very easy to clean, and the tubs are made up of durable material, so they do not fall out or get cracks with time. Tubs also have the optional addition of UV lights and a thermostat if you want.

Reptile Racking System By Vision Products Benefits:

  • Various Sizes and Styles
  • Accommodates Various Plastic Tub Brands and Sizes
  • Stackable, Durable, & Lightweight
  • Space Saving
  • Versatile & Easy Assembly




Basic Features:

  • Best Ever Bearded Dragon Cage 
  • Double drop-down doors 
  • 5" deep, 18" tall, 48" wide,

Each cage has:

  • (3) 1/8" CNC ventilation channels on every side panel
  • (3) 1/8" CNC ventilation channels on Right/Left side of the back panel
  • (3) 1/8" CNC ventilation channels in the exact center of the rear panel

Ideal build for Chuckwallas, Bearded dragons, Uromastyx, Dragons, Large constricting snakes or Monitors, etc

Other Features:

  • Cord Pass-Through Add-On Available-2" bung allows easy pass-through of heating/lighting cords from the outside/inside of the cage.
  • Recommended for use with lighting etc.
  • Led/T5 lighting is an extra add on if you want
  • 13mm Black PVC for durability
  • CNC machined cage/doors with two locks per door
  • These cages are BREAKDOWN and require ASSEMBLY by the purchaser.
  • Very easy to assemble in 15-20min.
  • The cages are stackable.


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