Are Black Solider Fly A Pest?

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  Are Black Solider Fly A Pest?

So you found a Black Solider Fly or maybe a couple hundred. But there is no need to worry these guys are actually here to help! You most likely found them in your compost pile. They actually help break down the organic matter while protecting your compost pile from less friendly bugs like the common housefly.

     Black Solider fly cant bite so there is no need to be worry around them. The flies only purpose in life is to mate and doesn't even eat. the real workers are in your compost pile. They are eating the compost and liquifying it making a rich frass high in nutrients and keeping the housefly from laying eggs in it since its liquefied. 

The black solider fly are extreme eaters and can eat twice their own body weight every day if the conditions are right. This in turn helps compost and help lock in the Co2 and Nitrogen that would otherwise be released into the air.

The final benefit of the black solider fly is they almost have a 1:1 protein conversion ratio so whatever you compost you are almost guaranteed to get that amount of protein out in larvae. That means free agriculture feed. These black solider fly larvae are rich in calcium, protein and fat.

In conclusion black Solider Fly are not pests there a great benefit to your home and the environment. They can up-cycle protein and get ride of waste that would otherwise go to a landfill.


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