Large Black Soldier Fly Larvae for sale

Large Feeding-grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae

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Large Feeding-grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Large feeding-grade black soldier fly larvae are our BEST SELLER and are recommended for adult reptiles.

Length: 0.75 inches    Weight: 0.1 - 0.13 grams

Black soldier fly larvae are raised on a probiotic-treated grain diet and contain 20x more calcium than the leading feeder insect. Their balanced Calcium: Phosphorus ratio makes them the ideal diet for your reptiles. Since the CA:P ratio is balanced BSFL has the most absorbable calcium of any feeder insect and there is no need for additional dusting.

We guarantee live delivery, and always include an additional 10% with your order to ensure satisfaction. The shelf-life of our BSFL is at least 2 weeks if stored as instructed.

*This product is not intended to be used as medicine or an occasional snack to treat Metabolic Bone Disease, this product must be provided on a regular basis to prevent or cease the development of MBD. MBD cannot be reversed.


Customer Reviews

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Reptile & Invert Owner

I purchased originally @NARBC where the vendor was super informative, have since purchased online and am glad to have found an alternative feeder for all my pets!

Kelly Donahue

Large Feeding-grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae


My bearded dragon loves them!

Emily Brown

I am very pleased with these feeders! They shipped when it was stated they would, and they arrived quickly. I was pleasantly surprised to see not a single dead larvae! My leopard gecko loved them.

Jeff Lutz
Quantity and Quality

We bought a 1000 count container. We have two bearded dragons and they are not eating them fast enough and the larvae are turning color, which I am guessing they are getting ready to turn into flys. The vender who sold them to us did not have any bedding and they are starting to smell. They are still very active, so am guessing they are still health. This was our first purchase of fly larvae. We will purchase them again, but in a smaller quantity and with bedding and see if we have the same outcome. I will say, the bearded dragons and leopard gecko love them!